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Wellspring Counseling Center223 S Batavia AveBataviaIllinois 60510, United States(630) 406-6174

Pamela Mallette, MA, LCPC
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


Background: I earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and hold a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Trinity International University, where I graduated summa cum laude.  As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, I receive regular continuing education and meet all the requirements for maintaining licensure in the state of Illinois.  I am also a member in good standing of the American Counseling Association. 

Before opening Wellspring Counseling Center, I worked for several years at a thriving group private practice treating clients with a wide variety of symptoms and issues.  Now, as a sole proprietor, I focus my time working primarily with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, and/or trauma histories.  Much of my post-graduate training has centered around understanding and treating trauma, with special emphasis on the differences between normal memory and traumatic memory. I have a particular interest in working with adult women with memories or suspicions of childhood sexual abuse.

​​Wellspring Counseling Center

About Me:  As you spend time with me in session, you will soon notice that I truly enjoy my job.  I love connecting with my clients and cannot think of a better way to earn a living.  I also have a strong desire for purposefulness in everything that I do, and I believe that counseling provides the best way for me to use my own experiences and personality in a meaningful way.  As someone who has seen both the extreme good and extreme harm that can come from counseling firsthand, it is important to me to provide a positive experience for my clients.  I hope you will find that my education, experiences, and personality allow me to do so.  

Aside from my work, I have several other passions.  First of all, I love my family.  I have an amazing husband and four exuberant children.  They help me to see both my strengths and (especially) my limitations and therefore challenge me to be a better person.  Music is also an important part of my life.  I enjoy performing vocally and instrumentally, and I am always up for discovering new bands and rediscovering old ones.  My home also features an ever-expanding library (mostly non-fiction and classics, because I'm super cool).   

What to Expect From Me:  Too often, therapists take the position of authority and presume to know what's best for you before you even have a chance to tell your story.  I strive to be different.  I will take the time to listen to you and understand you.  You will never be judged or looked down upon for your actions, thoughts, or decisions.  I will offer unconditional support of you and your decisions, empowering you with information along the way.  My clients come with concerns that run deep, and I commit to walking alongside them for as long as it remains beneficial to do so. To better understand the kind of therapist I am, please read about my Counseling Philosophy.