As someone who is considering entering counseling, you deserve to know about your therapist's approach.  Below you will find some of my thoughts about the counseling process. 

First and foremost, I believe that counseling centers around relationship.  Specifically, therapy focuses on two sets of relationships: the client's relationship with the therapist, and the client's relationship with him- or herself.  As all good relationships are, effective counseling is based on trust.  Trust develops when people feel accepted and supported no matter what, and when they know the other has their best interests at heart. 

As a therapist, I foster trust by offering a compassionate environment in which you feel safe enough to explore your current life and your history without fear of judgment. As well, I remain committed to personal and professional growth, and my clients know they can trust me to offer solid guidance and wisdom.  My style is warm and down-to-earth, and I am truly interested in getting to know you.  Because therapy can sometimes become intense and heavy, I also like to balance things out with humor. 

When you feel safe with and trust your counselor, it becomes much easier to explore the other crucial relationship we focus on in therapy: the relationship you have with yourself.  Ultimately, the goal of counseling is for you to live a life free of inner turmoil, no matter what is happening in the external world.  Along that journey, most people find that there are a number of inner wounds that have gone untreated.  They also find that there are many different parts of themselves: some that have developed creative strategies to shield them from pain, and others that have helped them to function in the world. We will get to know those parts, as well as discover the resources within yourself to heal the wounds.  This process allows you to trust yourself, which in turn leads to peace. When we achieve that peace within ourselves, other relationships (with partners, children, friends, etc.) begin to heal and thrive as well.  

To accomplish all of this, I collaborate with my clients and draw upon evidence-based practices to support our work together.  I owe a great debt to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, which has informed and transformed my work with clients. I also resonate with and utilize aspects of cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, existential, and interpersonal approaches. In sessions, we address the here-and-now concerns of the present while seeking understanding of how our pasts have shaped us to respond to our current situations.  This allows us to get to the root of your concerns and find lasting solutions so that you can lead a life of contentment, no matter what the circumstances.

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